Our Supporters

The Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House, is most grateful to you, our members and supporters, for your generous contributions, which enable us to provide artistic and educational programs that focus on the vision and legacy of Eugene O’Neill, recognized throughout the world as America’s foremost playwright.


Linda Grundhoffer

Claudia Nemir

John and Diane Rettig

Diane and Don Schinnerer

PATRONS ($2500-$4999)

Florence and Mac McAuley

Dan and Carolyn McGovern

Teresa and Dan Morley



Tom Baxter

Ed and Linda Best

The Leo and Celia Carlin Fund


Ron and Virginia Iverson

Mark Jordan

Charles Lewis

Merilyn Milam

Gary Schaub and Maria Gounaris

The Jack Schwartzman Family Foundation

Bob and Laura Sehr

Terry and Millie Sherman

Brian and Carolyn Thiessen

Katherine and Richard Williams

Carole Wynstra

PRODUCERS ($500-$999)

Marilyn and George Bray

Zander and Carol Brietzke

Thomas Carty

Don and Joy Haley

Marcia Harmon and Cottage Jewel

Beverly W. Lane

Roberta Eisel

Trudy and Pat McMahon

Winifred Stribling

Michael Suppes

DIRECTORS ($250-$499)

Newel Arnerich

Nancy Bartholomew

Wendy Cooper

Joseph Ficurelli

Tom and Kristin Fitch

Sylvia Lin

Joyce and Bert Michalczyk

Ron Quirk

Patricia Rezak

Vickie Sciacca

Turner Stanton

Carpice Wummer

PLAYWRIGHTS ($100-$249)

Carol Anderson

Philip C. Bellman

Marian and Erlan Bliss

Barry Boothe

Christopher Bowen

Paula Davis

Cecilia and Jack DeRieux

Hannah Eckstein


Susan Friday

John and Tena Gallagher

Paul and Marilyn Gardner

Anthony Geisler

Barton LeVan Gladhill

Harlene Goodrich

Faye and Rich Guarienti

Joanne Haukland

Eileen Herrmann

Judith and Charles Hervey

Rosalind Hirsch

Charlie Jarrett

Katie Johnson

Gail Kamerer

Ward and Leann Kanowsky

Edward Lee

Bevan Lewis

Paul and Florence Rowe Libin

Erin and Jeffrey Mackey

Rosalie E. Malatesta

Dyan McBride

Gerald and Suzanne Ricker

Jane Rosario

Mark Roseman

David and Sara Selway

John and Carol Sherrill

William Smith

William and Sheila Stein

Gerald E. Stram

Mitchell and Anne Struthers

Michael and Joyce Wahlig

Carolyn P. Walkling

Sharon Watkinson

ACTORS (up to $99)

Katie Colbath

Susan Dunn

Michael Fein

Edward Godfrey and Melanie Zukowski

Don and Carol Johnson

Carolyn Krieg

Claudia Long

Benita Michta

Jacqueline Morris

Michael O'Hara

John O'Neill

Alex Pettit

Charlie and Ruth Pettler

Robert Sada

Sally Scholl

Patricia Vizcay

Beverly Wright

Festival 2022 Sponsors

We would like to acknowledge our 23rd Annual Eugene O'Neill Festival Sponsors:

PLATINUM ($5000 +)

Claudia and Howard Nemir

GOLD ($2500- $4999)

Linda Grundhoffer

Dan and Carolyn McGovern

Diane and Don Schinnerer

SILVER ($1000 – $4999)

Chevron Corporation

Florence and Mac McAuley

Robert Sehr

Brian Thiessen

BRONZE ($500- $999)

Linda and Edward Best

Carole Wynstra