Live Performances at Tao House: FAQ

Q: What is the Covid-19 protocol for the live performances?

A: The National Park Service and the Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House comply with Covid-19 protocols at the time of in-person events. Masks are required at this time (as of Aug 15, 2021). Live events will have reduced capacity seating.


Q: What happens if the performances are impacted by Covid-19 or other conditions?

A: Your well-being is important to us. If Covid-19 or other conditions make it impossible to present in-person performances safely, we will offer you an option of a refund or making a donation to the Foundation. View the full cancellation policy on our website HERE.


Q: How much movement is needed for transitioning between outdoor and indoor scenes for the live Beyond the Horizon performances at Tao House?

A: Each live performance will require 3-4 short transitions on paved or even paths for outdoor scenes, and seating on risers in the Old Barn theater for indoor space. View this short video on what to expect for these special performances to learn more. The Tao House grounds are wheelchair accessible. Check out our video HERE.


Q: When do the Tao House performances start and how long does it run?

A: Both Saturday and Sunday performances start at 4pm and the play will run until approximately 7pm with one intermission. The first shuttle from the Museum of the San Ramon Valley begins at 2:30 pm.


Q: Will there be reserved seats for the outdoor/indoor scene location?

A: There will be general seating for both indoor and outdoor scene locations. Please plan to take your personal items with you as you move.

  • Physical tickets are not issued for performances at the O’Neill Site. Once tickets are purchased online, your name/s will be on a check-in list upon arrival at the shuttle.

  • Meet the National Park Service shuttle in front of the Museum of the San Ramon Valley at 205 Railroad Avenue, Danville at the corner of Prospect Ave.
  • You do not need a reservation for the shuttle.
  • Shuttles run approximately every 20 minutes, beginning one and a half hours before showtime. The final shuttle will depart the museum 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance.
  • The length of the trip from the museum to the site is about 10 minutes.
  • One of the park service shuttles can accommodate wheelchairs. If you wish to discuss accessibility arrangements, contact the National Park Service at (925) 838-0249 x6320.
  • Shuttles will return visitors to the Museum immediately following the performance. Shuttles run until all visitors have been returned.

Outside Food:
  • Visitors are welcome to bring picnics to the site. There are a limited number of picnic tables and very limited wash facilities (a portable sink).
  • Light refreshments are sold during performances – water, wine, cookies, and sometimes coffee. No refreshments are available during regular visitation/non-performance times.

 No food or drink is allowed inside Tao House

Touring Tao House:
  • Tao House at the O’Neill Historic Site is open for self-guided tours one and a half hours prior to most performances. No guided tours are available during these times.
  • No dogs are permitted in the house or the barn. Leashed dogs are permitted on the grounds.

  • Visitors are allowed to take photographs of Tao House and the grounds.
  • Photography is not allowed during performances.
  • Photographs may not be used commercially without a permit from the National Park Service.

  • Casual clothing is fine. Remember, you will be outdoors and in a barn.
  • Check weather reports, it can get cold and windy up on the hill. We recommend dressing in layers even after a warm day.

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