Past Productions

Initiated in 1996 by the Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House in collaboration with the National Park Service, has presented staged readings of O’Neill’s plays by professional directors and actors in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, The Foundation frequently presents performances of works by playwrights who influenced O’Neill or were influenced by him—including new playwrights.

Our more recent productions have educational videos and engagement guides for those wishing to learn more about the plays or use the resources in a classroom setting.

Beyond the Horizon Film

(3-Part Playlist)

Learn more about the Pulitzer-winning play in our new downloadable Engagement Guide

Hear what O’Neill scholars have to say about the play


Welded, dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Jan.)

A Moon for the Misbegotten, dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Festival)


Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon, a Tao House Film

The Ghosts of Tao House, virtual recordings

Tiny Horizon Stories, virtual short stories


The Great God Brown (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Jan.)

Long Day's Journey Into Night, dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Festival)

Balclutha Sea Plays, Hyde Street Pier, SF.


Days Without End, (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Jan.)

Hughie, dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Festival)

All My Sons, (Arthur Miller), dir. Patrick Russell (Festival)


A Touch of the Poet (O'Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Festival)

Shell Shock (O’Neill), dir. Chloe Bronzan and

The Rescue (Creighton Smith), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes

Dynamo (O'Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Jan.)


The Emperor Jones (Festival)

Seascape (Festival)

"N" (Spring)

O’Neill: the Rhythms of His Soul (Written by Dan Cawthon. Based on The Eugene O’Neill Songbook by Travis Bogard), dir: Rachael Robinson (Jan.)


Waiting for Lefty (Clifford Odets), dir. Chad Deverman
Golden Boy (Clifford Odets), dir. Phoebe Moyer

Hughie (O'Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes (Jan.)

Spring, 2014

A View from the Bridge (Arthur Miller), dir. Joy Carlin
El Paso Blue (Octavio Solis)

January 2014

Short Plays inspired by O’Neill, dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes
From San Francisco PlayGround, Playwrights’ Guild of Pear Avenue, and Eugene O’Neill Studio Retreat

Spring, 2013

The Cherry Orchard (Anton Chekhov), dir. George Maguire
The Lady From the Sea (Henrik Ibsen), dir. Susannah Martin

January 2013

More Stately Mansions (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes

Spring, 2012

Short scenes from PlayGround, SF, dir. Josy Miller
Exorcism (O’Neill), dir. Dan Cawthon
Diff’rent (O’Neill), dir. Lois Grandi

January 2012

The Straw (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes

January 2011

Bound East for Cardiff (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes
In the Zone (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes
The Long Voyage Home (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes

Spring, 2010

Desire Under the Elms (O’Neill), dir. Soren Oliver
Track of the Cat (Graeme Maley), dir. Graeme Maley
Short Scenes from PlayGround, SF, dir. Josy Miller & Eric Fraisher Hayes

January 2010

A Touch of the Poet (O’Neill), dir. Eric Frasher Hayes

Spring, 2009

Born Tired (new play) Bevin Lew, dir. Bevin Lew
The Sniper (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes
The Movie Man (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes
Shell Shock (O’Neill), dir. Eric Fraisher Hayes

Spring, 2008

Blood Mirage (new play) Jeremy Hargraves, dir. Michael Ward
Revelations (scenes from Anna Christie, Mourning Becomes Electra), dir. Michael Ward
Welded (O’Neill), dir. Josy Miller

Spring, 2007

This Is Not My Life (new play), Adam Sandel, dir. Michael Ward
Now I Ask You (O’Neill), dir. Daren A. Carollo

Spring, 2006

Pear Slices, (8 brief original plays) Pear Avenue Theatre, dir. Diane Tasca
The Typographer’s Dream (Bock), Encore Theatre Company, dir. Lisa Steindler

Spring, 2005

Overtures (Gerstenberg), dir. M. O’Neill
Before Breakfast (Eugene O’Neill), dir. M. O’Neill
Enemies (Boyce/Hapgood), dir. M. O’Neill
E.G.O: The Passions of Eugene Gladstone O’Neill (Morello), dir. Dan Cawthon

Spring, 2004

The Lonesome West (McDonagh), Namaste Theatre Company, dir. M. Uppendahl
Fog (O’Neill), dir. Lois Grandi
Thirst (O’Neill), dir. Lois Grandi
Recklessness (O’Neill), dir. Dan Cawthon
Suppressed Desires (Glaspell and Cook), dir. Dan Cawthon

Spring, 2003

Into the Wake of the Moon—written and performed by Kurt Gravenhorst
The Great God Brown—Oakland Public Theatre, dir. Norman Gee

Spring, 2002

Hairy Ape (O’Neill)—Marin Theatre Company, dir. Lee Sankowich
Where the Cross is Made (O’Neill) – Namaste Theatre Company, dir. Mike Uppendahl
’Ile (O’Neill) -Namaste Theatre Company, dir. Mike Uppendahl
The Rope (O’Neill) -Namaste Theatre Company, dir. Mike Uppendahl

Spring, 2001

Servitude (O’Neill), dir. Tom Ross
Abortion (O’Neill), dir. Lois Grandi
Red Carnations (Hughes), dir. Lois Grandi
Bound East for Cardiff (Eugene O’Neill), dir. Andrea Gordon
In the Zone (O’Neill), dir. Andrea Gordon

Spring, 2000

Riders to the Sea (Synge), dir. Joy Carlin
Overtures (Gerstenberg), dir. Joy Carlin
Diff’rent (O’Neill), dir. Dan Cawthon
Freedom (Reed), dir. Alan McElvey
Shell Shock (O’Neill), dir. Alan McElvey

Spring, 1999

Recklessness (O’Neill), dir. Jan Erlendson
Another Way Out (Langer), dir. Jan Erlendson
A Wife for a Life (O’Neill), dir. Nancy Carlin
Lovers—Winners (Friel), dir. Nancy Carlin
Welded (O’Neill), dir. Dan Cawthon

Spring, 1998

’Ile (O’Neill), dir. Dan Cawthon
Aria Da Capo (St. Vincent Millay), dir. Dan Cawthon
The Web (O’Neill), dir. Ed Hastings
Hello Out There (Saroyan), dir. Ed Hastings
Miss Julie (Strindberg), dir. Barbara Oliver

Spring, 1997

The Outside (Glaspell), dir. Joy Carlin
Trifles (Glaspell), dir. Joy Carlin
Fog (O’Neill), dir. Dan Cawthon
Thirst (O’Neill), dir. Dan Cawthon
The Emperor Jones (O’Neill), dir. Ed Hastings

Spring, 1996

Constancy (Neith Boyce), dir. Joy Carlin
Suppressed Desires (Glaspell and Cook), dir. Joy Carlin
Before Breakfast (O’Neill), dir. Barbara Oliver
My Heart’s in the Highlands (Saroyan), dir. Barbara Oliver
The Rope (O’Neill), dir. Ed Hastings
Where the Cross is Made (O’Neill), dir. Ed Hastings