This year's Festival

The Eugene O’Neill Festival features performances, virtual recordings, scholarly talks, and tours focused around the playwright's work. Events are held at Tao House, in various locations in downtown Danville, including the Museum of the San Ramon Valley.

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Virtual Productions

Born out of necessity in 2020, “Virtual Genes”, a series of recorded videos on YouTube, allowed the Foundation to continue to provide entertaining and educational programs for our supporters. All of this programming as well as interviews with scholars and actors are available online for your continued enjoyment.

Upcoming Events

Join us for our upcoming productions and other events.

Past Productions

Since 1996, The Eugene O’Neill Foundation has offered productions of O’Neill and other writers’ plays. Starting in 2009, with the addition of Eric Fraisher Hayes to the board, the foundation was able to expand its repertoire of produced O’Neill plays. Recent additions to in-person performances include video recordings and educational materials.