Policies for Cancelled or Postponed Events or Activities

For paid and non-paid events, in the event of unexpected or unforeseen causes requiring cessation of events or activities requiring cancellation or postponement of an event or activity, EONF will endeavor to take appropriate steps to communicate with patrons, sponsors, actors, and other production personnel, contracted third parties, and other affected stakeholders that the scheduled events are canceled or postponed and the reason for doing so.

For paid events, patrons may be given the option of keeping their ticket for the rescheduled performance or event, receiving a refund, or donating to EONF if the performance or event is canceled.  If postponed, the Director, actors, and other production personnel will be paid at the time of the rescheduled performance. If canceled, EONF will endeavor to honor the Director, actors, and other production personnel payment agreements.