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Day-Use application deadline

September 30, 2022


Travis Bogard Day-Use Program

Application Deadlines:
SESSION C: September 30 (for fellowship December 1 – March 31)

The Travis Bogard Day-Use Program offers Bay Area artists access to the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Fellows may work in scholarly or creative writing, playwriting, or the visual arts, including stage design. Artists may work alone or as a team, perhaps workshopping a play. Fellowships will be scheduled in two five-day increments, which need not be contiguous. Applicants, who must be at least 21 years old, will submit an emailed application, including specifics of the project, curriculum vitae, references, and an explanation of why dedicated time at Tao House is important to the project. Applicants may also apply to use the library and archive of theatre materials. Use of an office, including wi-fi and a wi-fi-accessible printer, will be available to fellows during the day Wednesday through Sunday. Fellows are required to take a tour of Tao House before the time scheduled for the fellowship. Additional information, including guidelines and application, can be found here:

Day-Use Guidelines:  here and Application Form: here

A fellowship consists of two five-day increments (10-day total) of working in solitude on-site at Tao House: Wed to Sun, 9am to 5pm. These increments need not be contiguous.
  • Playwrights, creative writers, scholars, critics, set designers, theatre directors, and visual artists (photography, drawing, collage, painting in water media only: watercolor, acrylic, and water-soluble oils.)
  • Team projects are encouraged—e.g., workshopping of existing work or work in progress.