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“Moon Run” at Forward Motion

September 7, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Join other local runners for this FREE organized Wednesday Night Run from downtown Danville (starting outside of Forward Motion) to Tao House, up through the Las Trampas trails. The route will start on the Iron Horse Trial, to Camille, and up through the trails to Tao House National Historic Site. Not for the faint of heart runner! This is a hilly 6-8 mile route. Meet a few members of the O’Neill Festival team along the way, howl at the moon, and hear about the “Ghosts of Tao House”…!



Quote from Forward Motion, Danville’s website:


The “world famous” Wednesday Night Run (WNR as we call it) has been happening continuously in Danville for 25 years, or for the past 1,274 Wednesdays and counting!

Each week new friends showed up and the WNR morphed into the largest continually run Group Run in the country! With anywhere from 50–150 participants each week, everyone is almost guaranteed to find a running partner/buddy going their pace and or distance. People come and go, lives change, but the run is a constant; winter, spring, summer and fall. It always goes on. It is always free. Every Wednesday at 6:30pm from our store on Hartz Avenue.


We get every age and ability of runner and or walker coming out for the runs. We have moms and dads pushing strollers, high schoolers fine-tuning their mile times, weekend warriors, professional athletes, and our own parents out trying to stay fit! Running routes change for the season (winter and summer). Most all are flat through the residential streets of Danville and along the scenic Ironhorse Trail.

There is no required distance as each person is free to go as short or as far as they desire (just get back to the store by 8:00 pm so we can go home). During the summer we introduce people to the Las Trampas Wilderness, just outside our front door, which includes 5 and 8-mile trail courses with some nice climbs and scenery.